Can Multiple Users Use The Same Gmail Account?

Can more than one person use a Gmail account?

Now when you’ve got more than one account, you can view them all in one window.

To grant access to another account through your Gmail account, simply slick the Settings link in the top right corner of Gmail.


How do I use one email for multiple users?

Use one Gmail address for multiple user accountsCreate your new Gmail address, if you don’t already have one.Go to the platform or service where you want to create multiple user accounts, and create one account using your original Gmail address.Now start creating another user account on the same platform or service.More items…

How many devices can use the same Gmail account?

As far as we can tell, there is no predefined limit. It seems Google has a flag system in place and will impose a limit on a per-account basis if they notice a bunch of devices being used in this manner. We’ve heard of cases where one person’s limit could be 35, while another’s is 60.

How do I add another Gmail account to my account?

To create a Gmail account for others, click the “Use another account” link. This will take you to the next screen, where Google will prompt you to enter your email or phone to sign in to an existing Gmail account. You should not do this. Rather click the “Create account” link.

Can 2 phones share the same Google account?

Yes You Can use multiple accounts in different Android Phones. It will also sync all your data in both devices. Both versions let you choose your sync settings on both devices, so you can still be logged in as the same Google account holder on both devices.