Question: Is Sachin Tendulkar Konkani?

Who is 2nd god of cricket?

Virat KohliVirat Kohli – The 2nd god of cricket..

Is Konkani a caste?

He said, “Konkani is a language, not a religion or a caste”. Venkatesh Baliga, president, Konkani Cultural Forum, said Konkani-speaking people a small community of 35 to 40 lakh, face an identity crisis. One of the reasons is that Konkani written in one part of the coast cannot be read by people in another part.

Is Hardik Pandya Brahmin?

Family, Girlfriend & Affairs Hardik Pandya belongs to a Brahmin Hindu family in Surat, Gujrat. His Father’s name is Himanshu Pandya who is a Businessman and his Mother is Nalini Pandya. Krunal Pandya is his elder brother.

What is I love you in Konkani?

“I love you” would be “Hav tukka Mog Karta” in Konkani, where, Hav = I.

Is Tendulkar Brahmin?

Tendulkar was born into a Rajapur Saraswat Brahmin family, in Mumbai. His mother Rajni worked in the insurance industry, and his father Ramesh Tendulkar, a Marathi novelist, named Tendulkar after his favourite music director, Sachin Dev Burman.

Is Tendulkar vegetarian?

Where he told me he was a vegetarian,” Tendulkar recalled on the show ‘What the Duck 3’. “He was not eating chicken because he was told he will become fat. … Ever since, he has been eating chicken,” he added.

Is Gavaskar a Brahmin?

Gavaskar, from a proud, wealthy Brahmin family, the highest caste in the Hindu social order, had an uncle, Madhav Mantri, who played for India. … The Brahmin caste, which forms only a tiny fraction of India’s population, has always dominated the national cricket side.

Which language is spoken in Goa?

KonkaniKonkani (Kōṅkaṇī) is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by the Konkani people along the western coast of India. It is one of the 22 scheduled languages mentioned in the 8th schedule of the Indian Constitution and the official language of the Indian state of Goa.

How many times has Sachin got out on 99?

He has been dismissed 24 times (17 in ODIs and 7 in Tests) on the scores of 90 to 99. On one occasion in ODIs, he remained unbeaten on 96.

What is the mother tongue of Sachin Tendulkar?

KonkaniSachin Tendulkar was born in a Marathi language speaking RSB (Rajapur Saraswat Brahmin) family. His father, Ramesh Tendulkar, was a Marathi poet and writer. Most RSB have Konkani as their mother tongue. A minority of them have Marathi as mother tongue and Sachin’s family is one of them.

Is Sachin Tendulkar Maratha?

I am a Maharashtrian and I am extremely proud of that. But, I am an Indian first,” Sachin had said. … “Sachin was born in Mumbai, his father fought many times for Marathi.

Are Konkani Brahmins?

Konkani Hindu Brahmins are those Brahmins whose mother-tongue is Konkani or Marathi. They hail mainly from coastal Maharashtra, Goa and coastal Karnataka and from other areas like Gujarat and Kerala.

What is the highest Brahmin caste?

A Brahmin Gotra (Sanskrit ब्राह्मण गोत्र) is an exogamous unit used to denote the paternal lineage of individuals belonging to the Brahmin caste in the Hindu Varna system. In Hindu culture, the Brahmin caste considered to be the highest of the four major social classes of the Varna system.

Who said Sachin is God of cricket?

Harsha BhogleFrom scoring most runs in the two formats (ODI and Test), the master blaster also holds the record for most centuries in the game. Here are a few words from great Legends which prove why he is called the “God of Cricket”. 1. Harsha Bhogle said, “If Sachin bats well, India sleeps well”.

Which day is Sachin Tendulkar?

November 15 is a historic day for Indian cricket and it’s millions of fans as on this day the biggest superstar of the game made his debut. On November 15, 1989, the legendary Sachin Tendulkar made his International debut against Pakistan at Karachi.

What religion is Konkani?

Mangalorean Catholics (Konkani: Kodialchein Katholik) are an ethno-religious community of Catholics following the Latin Rite from the Mangalore Diocese (erstwhile South Canara district) on the southwestern coast of Karnataka, India.

What is Konkani caste?

Konkani people (Koṅkaṇī lok also Koṅkaṇe, Koṅkaṇstha) are an ethno-linguistic community who inhabit and originate the Konkan region of south-western India, and speak various dialects of the Konkani language. They also reside in Kanara (coastal Karnataka), Malabar (coastal Kerala), Goa and Damaon, and Maharashtra.

Who is the oldest cricketer still playing?

Top 10 Oldest Players in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019Mohammad Hafeez (Pak)-38 years 224 days. … MS Dhoni (Ind)-37 years 309 days. … Shoaib Malik (Pak)-37 years 117 days. … Jeevan Mendis (SL)-36 years 135 days. … Hashim Amla (SA)-36 years 60 days. … Dale Steyn (SA)-35 years 337 days. … Shaun Marsh (Aus)-35 years 325 days. … Lasith Malinga (SL)-35 years 275 days.More items…•