Question: What The Meaning Of Amplify?

How do you amplify sound?

To get started, follow these steps:Open your device’s Settings app .Tap Accessibility, then tap Sound Amplifier.Tap Open Sound Amplifier.To accept the permissions, tap OK.Optional: Change your Sound Amplifier shortcut.

Connect wired or Bluetooth headphones to your device.More items….

What does amplified mean?

1. to make larger, greater, or stronger; enlarge; extend. 2. to expand in stating or describing, as by details or illustrations; clarify by expanding. 3. a. to increase the amplitude of; cause amplification in.

How do you use amplify in a sentence?

Amplify sentence examplesIf you already have a large amount of productivity, technology will amplify it. … (These three works reproduce and amplify the above episodes Nos. … This book he continued to amplify and improve in the light of further research; the last edition appeared in 1902.More items…

What exclude means?

transitive verb. 1a : to prevent or restrict the entrance of. b : to bar from participation, consideration, or inclusion. 2 : to expel or bar especially from a place or position previously occupied.

What is another word for amplify?

Some common synonyms of amplify are dilate, distend, expand, inflate, and swell.

What is the meaning of sullen?

sullen, glum, morose, surly, sulky, crabbed, saturnine, gloomy mean showing a forbidding or disagreeable mood. sullen implies a silent ill humor and a refusal to be sociable.

What amplification means?

1a : an act, example, or product of amplifying. b : a usually massive replication of genetic material and especially of a gene or DNA sequence (as in a polymerase chain reaction) 2a : the particulars by which a statement is expanded. b : an expanded statement.

What are two synonyms for exclude?

excludebar.omit.preclude.prevent.prohibit.refuse.rule out.suspend.

Why is amplification used?

Amplification provides more information in order to strengthen an important point in a speech. It serves to exaggerate certain statements which can underline comedic or serious intentions. It emphasizes the persuasive aspects of an argument by elaborating why exactly they should be considered.

What is the definition of modulation?

1 : an inflection of the tone or pitch of the voice specifically : the use of stress or pitch to convey meaning. 2 : a regulating according to measure or proportion : tempering. 3 : a change from one musical key to another by modulating.

Where does the word amplify come from?

Amplify comes from the Old French word amplifier meaning “to enlarge or expand.” It refers to making a sound “expand,” but it can also crank up something like a disagreement — if you spread rumors, you might amplify an argument.

What does humiliation mean?

Humiliate means to make someone feel ashamed or stupid, often publicly. It would humiliate all but the most self-assured person to realize that everyone else in the room has noticed their fly is down.

What is another word for exclude?

SYNONYMS FOR exclude 1 bar, prohibit, except, omit, preclude. 3 reject.

What is amplify in biology?

In molecular biology, amplification is a process by which a nucleic acid molecule is enzymatically copied to generate a progeny population with the same sequence as the parental one. The most widely used amplification method is Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

What is an example of amplification?

In literature, amplification means the writer is adding more information to a sentence. The hope is that the sentence will become stronger, louder, or more important. For example, “The dog is an excellent breed” can benefit from a bit of amplification.

What does foraging mean?

Foraging is searching for wild food resources. It affects an animal’s fitness because it plays an important role in an animal’s ability to survive and reproduce. Foraging theory is a branch of behavioral ecology that studies the foraging behavior of animals in response to the environment where the animal lives.

How do you use exclude in a sentence?

We can exclude the possibility of total loss from our calculations. The judges decided to exclude evidence which had been unfairly attained. She gets very upset if I exclude her from anything. True patriotism doesn’t exclude an understanding of the patriotism of others.More items…•

How do you write amplification in English?

In order to use amplification,Identify the important details of a statement or parts of a story.Elaborate on those details or parts by amplifying them, or extending that section.