Quick Answer: Can A Domain Name Have A Dash?

Does your domain name matter?

Spammers purchase domain names that contained their targeted keywords because they get results: increased click-through rates and higher rankings on search engines.

So, yes, domain names have an impact on SEO.

Having the right domain name can help you target your audience and accelerate your search engine placement..

Is .co a good domain?

Good for SEO co domain has the same potential as TLDs to rank well within search engines and actually offers some additional unique advantages. … CO is much more likely to keep your brand relevant and ultimately help your SEO.

Which domain is best?

For many sites, .com is the best choice, since it’s what most visitors will expect and is easiest to remember. However, it’s getting harder and harder to find quality .com domain names, and users are becoming more accustomed to other extensions. So if you absolutely love a non-.com name, go ahead and buy it.

Are underscores allowed in domain names?

Underscore characters are not permitted in domain names in accordance with RFC 1035, which only allows letters, digits and hyphens. As such, you cannot register a domain name with an underscore character.

What is the difference between dash and underscore?

As explained by Matt Cutts in the Google Webmaster Help YouTube video, dashes in the URLs are used to separate two words whereas underscores combine both words into one. In SEO terms this means that when using a dash to separate words in your URL, Google will index all of these terms individually.

Is .org or .net better?

Domains ending with . NET are usually intended for networking services and internet service providers such as Comcast or AT&T’s residential email addresses. … ORG domains are usually intended for non-profit organizations. However, there’s nothing legally preventing anyone from using a .

What does .CO mean in a domain name?

companyCO is a new domain extension that offers you a global option for branding your online presence. . CO is already meaningful and recognizable in multiple languages and cultures. It’s the acronym for “company”. For most people1, the two letters – CO – are recognized as meaning company and/or corporation across the globe.

How important is a domain name?

A strong domain name: Adds professional credibility to your business and separates you from the millions of get-rich-quick-scheme websites out there. Provides visibility for your brand. Much like a storefront window, a good domain will create awareness and attract customers.

Can you have a dash in a URL?

You can read it in detail here. So there is no harm in using dashes in your URLs. In fact, they are preferred over underscores and both these special characters are dealt with separately. Most marketers recommend the use of dashes for effectively optimizing URLs.

Is .com or .org better?

The domain extension . org is better for nonprofit websites, while .com is better for businesses that are selling a service or product. In terms of SEO value, which one you pick will have little effect on SEO.

Is .com or co uk better?

co.uk should be your best pick as you are targeting only the locals. But if you are crafting an online business that requires global traffic, then go for a .com domain extension as you will attract traffic all over the world.

How many letters is too long for a domain name?

What Is The Maximum Domain Name Length? The maximum number of characters you can have in a website address left of the “.” is 63 characters. That’s an awfully long URL and we don’t recommend choosing such a lengthy domain in any circumstances.

Should you have a dash in your domain name?

If your domain name is two words (like www.examplesite.com), you may want to separate the words with a hyphen for readability: www.example-site.com. … For that reason, generally, no more than one hyphen should be used (if any must be used at all).

Are dashes in domain names bad?

Using hyphens should be avoided at all costs. As much as they do not directly affect SEO, you need to have a credible brand. Using hyphens makes your brand look spammy and this makes users have a negative brand perception. … Negative brand perception will make it difficult for your site to get backlinks too.

Is .NET a good domain?

net isn’t a good option for your business in most cases. … This can cover business websites, websites that want to make money online, personal websites, blogs, portfolios, and more. On the other hand, the “net” in the . net domain name extension stands for “network”.

Can you use dashes in filenames?

Key Point: Use all-lowercase, and separate words with hyphens. Make file and directory names lowercase. In general, separate words with hyphens, not underscores. Use only standard ASCII alphanumeric characters in file and directory names.

Why is .co domain so expensive?

The reason for the higher price is to deter domain name buyers from purchasing domains with the . co extension in bulk and not using them. This has become a problem with .com domain names and the higher price helps to make more . co domain names remain available.