Quick Answer: Does LogMeIn Cost Money?

Which is better TeamViewer vs LogMeIn?

RemotePC and TeamViewer both performed better than LogMeIn in terms of latency, resolution, and system resources.

TeamViewer, however, provides a better experience across its mobile apps and for that reason is the winner of this category..

What is the best free remote access software?

Top Free Remote Support SoftwareTeamViewer. (1,925)4.5 out of 5. Optimized for quick response. … ConnectWise Control. (412)4.7 out of 5. … Goverlan Reach. (224)4.4 out of 5. … Zoho Assist. (282)4.6 out of 5. … NinjaRMM. (159)4.8 out of 5. … FixMe.IT. (172)4.7 out of 5. … SolarWinds Take Control. (119)4.5 out of 5. … VNC Connect. (392)4.7 out of 5.More items…

How much is go to my PC?

It costs $33 per month if billed annually or $41.50 per month if billed monthly. This cost allows multiple users access to a minimum of two computers. Each additional computer is another $33 or $41.50 per month. You can customize this plan to allow access of up to 50 computers.

Is LogMeIn free for personal use?

Sad news: LogMeIn Free is no more. For nearly a decade, it was my go-to tool for remote PC control — not just my PCs, but also those of far-flung family members needing occasional help. Alas, LogMeIn announced yesterday that, effectively immediately, there’s no more free lunch.

How much does LogMeIn rescue cost?

LogMeIn Rescue pricing starts at $149.00 per month, per user. They do not have a free version. LogMeIn Rescue offers a free trial.

Is go to my PC free?

Yes, with GoToMyPC for iPad and iPhone you can connect to your Mac or PC using your iPad 2 or later or your iPhone 5 or later. Download the free app from the App Store. Note: To use this free application, you must have a current GoToMyPC subscription. If you’re not a subscriber, try it free.

Is LogMeIn owned by Citrix?

LogMeIn, the makers of the popular remote desktop software as well as IT security and conferencing offerings, will become merge with a spun-off Citrix subsidiary in the wake of a complicated, $1.8 billion transaction announced Tuesday by the two companies.

Does Microsoft use LogMeIn?

Yes, indeed Microsoft agents use Logmein to take control of the computer.

How much is LogMeIn monthly?

Individuals starts at $30 per month, Power Users starts at $70 per month, and Small Businesses starts at $129 per month. All plans include the same core features: remote computer access and remote printing for unlimited users, with an impressive 1TB file storage.

Is there a free LogMeIn version?

LogMeIn Free is gone, but don’t panic: You can find alternative remote-access tools that cost the same low price of nothing at all. Whether you need to access a document, collaborate with a colleague, or support several PCs, try one of these free tools to get back into the game.

Is LogMeIn safe to use?

All communications by LogMeIn products use industry-standard algorithms and protocols for encryption and authentication. Nobody will be able to see or access the data transmitted between your computers – not even us. This is a summary of the most important security highlights of the LogMeIn Pro products.

Is LogMeIn a Chinese company?

LogMeIn, Inc. U.S. LogMeIn, Inc. is a provider of software as a service and cloud-based remote work tools for collaboration, IT management and customer engagement, founded in 2003 and based in Boston, Massachusetts.