Quick Answer: How Long Is Quite A While?

How long is momentarily?

English Language Learners Definition of momentarily : for a short time : for a moment.

US : very soon : at any moment..

Will be back in a while meaning?

After a period of time, usually a moderately short time. For example, Go ahead, I’ll be along in a while, or After a while we turned off the television and went for a walk. [ c. 1300]

What does quite a few mean?

An indefinite and somewhat large number; more than a few; a fair number of.

What does instinctively mean?

prompted by or resulting from or as if from instinct; natural; unlearned: an instinctive will to survive.

Is momentarily a word?

The original meaning of the adverb momentarily was “lasting for brief time”: “She was daydreaming and momentarily lost her train of thought.” Today, the word is frequently used to mean “very soon.” A waiter might say to a hungry customer, “Your food will be ready momentarily.”

How often is once in a while?

The “while”here indicates a period of time and “once in a while” implies something that happens sometimes but not regularly . If something happens once in a while, it happens occasionally, but not very often.

How do you say it’s been a while?

it has been a while / synonymsit has been some time. phr.for quite a long time. phr.been quite some time. phr.it has been too long. phr.it has been so long. phr.been a while. phr.been a long while. phr.has been some time. phr.More items…

How do you say long time?

Synonymslong. adjective. lasting for a large amount of time.long-term. adjective. continuing to exist, be relevant, or have an effect for a long time in the future.lasting. adjective. … extended. adjective. … prolonged. adjective. … enduring. adjective. … never-ending. adjective. … for some time. phrase.More items…

How long is a while mean?

It can mean a long time, but for certain “for a while” means that the period of time is longer than “just a second” or “just a minute” especially if the “while” part of the phrase is emphasized. It can mean anything from longer than “just a minute” to a long time depending on context.

What is the meaning of quite long?

So: If “quite” has its simple meaning, “quite a long time” means a very long time; a significantly long time; not the longest time you would have expected but very nearly the longest. That said, you should be alert to someone using “quite” ironically or with other implications driven by context.

How long is a good while?

The study has discovered “a while” estimates a length of 4 months whereas “a little while” would be a little less at 3 months’ time. Going a little further, “a while back” would indicate the potential of occurring up to 8 months in the past.

What is quite a while?

“Quite a while” means “a pretty long time”. It’s not a really long time, but it’s also not a short length of time. Exactly how long “quite a while” means depends on the situation. It can mean minutes, days, or even millions of years.

How do you say at the moment?

RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR AT THE MOMENTat the moment.at this moment.at this time.here and now.just now.momentarily.right now.this day.

Is it quite awhile or quite a while?

Awhile is an adverb that means “for a while,” whereas “while” is a noun meaning “a period of time.” Generally, you should use the two word form, “a while,” when following a preposition (I will read for a while), or with the words ago or back (a while ago/back).

What is the meaning of quiet?

free from disturbance or tumult; tranquil; peaceful: a quiet life. being at rest. refraining or free from activity, especially busy or vigorous activity: a quiet Sunday afternoon. making no disturbance or trouble; not turbulent; peaceable: The factions remained quiet for twenty years.