Quick Answer: What Does PAR Light Stand For?

What does PAR can stand for?

Parabolic Aluminized Reflector luminaireA Parabolic Aluminized Reflector luminaire.

20 PAR cans..

What do par lights do?

Often referred to as PAR (Parabolic Aluminised Reflector) lights, a Parcan lantern produces a very intense light quality. Therefore, they are particularly suited to producing deep colours or special lighting effects. … A PAR light creates an elliptical shaped beam, which you can adjust by simply rotating the lamp.

What is a par 64 light?

Par 64’s. The Par 64 holds a 500 or 1000 watt lamp that is either a wide flood, medium flood, narrow spot or very narrow spot. It is the lamp that dictates the light output, size and shape. In general the shape of the light output is an oval that is more noticeable the wider the beam of the lamp.

What is the difference between par 16 and par 20?

We mentioned that LED PAR16 Bulbs are the smallest in diameter of all the PAR Bulbs, and the PAR20 bulb is one size larger. While a PAR20 and a PAR16 Bulb can have the same base size, the dimension of the bulb is what differs. … The base type helps determine which light fixture your bulb will fit in.