Quick Answer: What Is Opposite Of A Realist?

What’s the opposite of boring?

What is the opposite of boring?interestingfascinatingrivetinggrippingstimulatingenthrallingexhilaratingabsorbingengagingengrossing103 more rows.

What is the opposite of birth?

What is the opposite of birth?disgorgecreatebreedbring forthbring into beingconceivegive birth togive life torearsire7 more rows

What is another word for trustful?

Similar words for trustful: gullible (adjective) hopeful (adjective) unsuspecting (adjective) naive (noun)

What is the aim of realism?

Realism and Method of Teaching: Realism aims to prepare learners for real and practical life. It calls for teaching-learning methodologies on the basis of subjects and interests of the learners. Inductive Method: Inductive method of teaching enables the learners to generalize the truth from a particular fact.

Who is the founder of realism?

Honoré de BalzacThe novel. In literature, the novelist Honoré de Balzac was the chief precursor of realism, given his attempt to create a detailed, encyclopaedic portrait of the whole range of French society in his La Comédie humaine.

What type of word is trustworthy?

adjective. deserving of trust or confidence; dependable; reliable: The treasurer was not entirely trustworthy.

What is the opposite of trustful?

What is the opposite of trustful?distrustfulsuspiciousmindfulvigilantincredulousshyhesitantloathleeryreticent48 more rows

What are the main ideas of realism?

The key concepts found in realist theory are anarchy, the balance of power, and the national interest.

What is the difference between realism and reality?

As nouns the difference between realism and reality is that realism is a concern for fact or reality and rejection of the impractical and visionary while reality is the state of being actual or real.

What is opposite of won?

Antonyms for won defeated, lost, beaten.

What is the opposite of enemy?

Antonym of EnemyWordAntonymEnemyAlly, FriendGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the opposite of realism in philosophy?

Philosophers who profess realism often claim that truth consists in a correspondence between cognitive representations and reality. … In some contexts, realism is contrasted with idealism. Today it is more usually contrasted with anti-realism, for example in the philosophy of science.

What is the opposite of realism in literature?

Answer and Explanation: There is no direct opposite of realism in literature. … If there were a true opposite to realism, however, the closest example would be romanticism. Romanticism seeks to depict beauty and to portray everything through rose-colored glasses.

What is a trustful person?

, trusting. adj characterized by a tendency or readiness to trust others. ♦ trustfully, trustingly adv. ♦ trustfulness, trustingness n.

What are the elements of realism?

Elements of Literary RealismRealistic characters and setting.Comprehensive detail about everyday occurrences.Plausible plot (a story that could happen in your town)Real dialects of the area.Character development important.Importance in depicting social class.

What is another word for trust?

What is another word for trust?confidencefaithassurancebeliefconvictioncredencecertaintycertitudereliancesureness46 more rows

What is the opposite word for realistic?

sensible, matter-of-fact: insincere, excited, inefficient, unreasonable, impractical, unsound, unrealistic, irrational, fanciful, unwise.

What is the opposite of naive?

Antonyms: experient, sophisticated, intelligent, refined, learned, urbane, worldly-wise, svelte, blase, worldly, informed, conditioned, experienced, well-informed, polished, trained. Synonyms: uninitiated, primitive, unenlightened, naif, uninitiate, uninstructed.

Is trustful a real word?

adjective. full of trust; free of distrust, suspicion, or the like; confiding: a trustful friend.

What is realism and example?

Realism is a representation of how things really are, or being practical and facing facts. An example of realism is the rejection of mythical beings. … An artistic representation of reality as it is.

What is the meaning of credulous?

adjective. willing to believe or trust too readily, especially without proper or adequate evidence; gullible. marked by or arising from credulity: a credulous rumor.