Quick Answer: What Is The Difference Between Properties And Indexer In C#?

What is reflection in C #?

Reflection provides objects (of type Type) that describe assemblies, modules, and types.

You can use reflection to dynamically create an instance of a type, bind the type to an existing object, or get the type from an existing object and invoke its methods or access its fields and properties..

What does => mean in C#?

The => token is supported in two forms: as the lambda operator and as a separator of a member name and the member implementation in an expression body definition.

What is delegate in C#?

A delegate is a type that represents references to methods with a particular parameter list and return type. When you instantiate a delegate, you can associate its instance with any method with a compatible signature and return type. You can invoke (or call) the method through the delegate instance.

What is the difference between properties and indexer in C#?

Properties are invoked through a described name and can be declared as a static or an instance member. Indexers in C# are data members that act as an array and allow you to access data within objects to be indexed in the same way.

Can properties be private in C#?

Properties can be marked as public , private , protected , internal , protected internal or private protected . These access modifiers define how users of the class can access the property. The get and set accessors for the same property may have different access modifiers.

What is method in C#?

A method is a code block that contains a series of statements. … In C#, every executed instruction is performed in the context of a method. The Main method is the entry point for every C# application and it is called by the common language runtime (CLR) when the program is started. This topic discusses named methods.

Can we overload indexer in C#?

Like functions, Indexers can also be overloaded. In C#, we can have multiple indexers in a single class. To overload an indexer, declare it with multiple parameters and each parameter should have a different data type. … Here int and string types are used to overload the indexer.

Can you create sealed abstract class in C#?

The abstract class cannot be instantiated but its reference can be created. If any class contains abstract methods then it must be declared by using the keyword abstract. An abstract class can contain sealed methods. The abstract method or class cannot be declared as sealed.

What is the use of indexer in C#?

An indexer allows an object to be indexed such as an array. When you define an indexer for a class, this class behaves similar to a virtual array. You can then access the instance of this class using the array access operator ([ ]).

What are Properties C#?

A property is a member that provides a flexible mechanism to read, write, or compute the value of a private field. Properties can be used as if they are public data members, but they are actually special methods called accessors.

Can we have static indexer in C#?

You can’t make a Static Indexer in C#… The CLR can, but you can’t with C#. You can’t even trick the compiler with VB.NET.