Quick Answer: What Should I Wear After A Lumpectomy?

How serious is a lumpectomy?

Potential complications of a lumpectomy Complications of a lumpectomy are uncommon but include: Damage to nearby organs, such as the lymph nodes and lungs.

Differences in breast sizes after a lump is removed.

Numbness of the affected breast that may or may not go away..

What should I wear after lumpectomy surgery?

What to bring. A button-down or loose fitting shirt. A supportive bra, such as a sports bra, to wear after your surgery.

How long does it take to heal after a lumpectomy?

Recovery from a lumpectomy is different for every woman. Healing time after surgery can range anywhere from a few days to a week. After a lumpectomy without a lymph node biopsy, you’re likely to feel well enough to return to work after two or three days.

How should I sleep after lumpectomy?

You may want to sleep on the side that has not been operated on. A woman may want to use a pillow to support the affected breast while lying on her side. Avoid strenuous activities, such as biking, jogging, weightlifting, or aerobic exercise, for 1 month or until your doctor says it is okay.

When can I remove dressing after lumpectomy?

Leave the outer bandage on for 48 hours. You can then take it off. The incision is covered with adhesive paper tape called Steri-Strips. Leave these Steri-Strips in place for 10 days after your surgery.

What does a breast look like after lumpectomy?

With lumpectomy, the breast looks as close as possible to how it did before surgery. Most often, the general shape of the breast and the nipple area are preserved.