Quick Answer: Why Does My Flute Sound Fuzzy?

Why does my flute sound weird?

Possibly: your lips have drifted, and are in a different place than when your tone was great.

Pay attention also to where you place the flute on your chin: placing the flute’s lip plate either too high, or too low, or not flush with the skin of the chin, can cause you to sound different every time you play..

Why does my flute sound airy?

Usually when a flute is airy, it’s because your embouchure is too tight. Experiment by angling your air stream more down instead of straight out. … With this type of flute, the air can escape through the keys not in use, creating a less airy tone.

How often should a flute be serviced?

Your flute should be serviced every 6–12 months. In a routine service, the technician should complete tasks such as: removing any dents from the body of the flute. check all pads for wear, and make necessary replacements.

Why is sound not heard in space?

Space Environment Sound travels in waves like light or heat does, but unlike them, sound travels by making molecules vibrate. … On Earth, sound travels to your ears by vibrating air molecules. In deep space, the large empty areas between stars and planets, there are no molecules to vibrate. There is no sound there.

Why won’t my flute play low notes?

The most common reason for having difficulty with playing low C on the flute is that the footjoint keys are no longer adjusted so that they’re falling at the same split second. If you look closely, the C and C# keys are both supposed to go down when depressing only the C roller.

What makes a good flute player?

A great flute player is someone who doesn’t feel the limitations of the nature of the instrument or from the technical side. So, it’s a combination of technical ability, sound expressivity and flexibility, and unlimited possibilities. But, a good musician is somebody who tells the story.

How much does it cost to replace pads on flute?

Professional Flute Repair and Flute RepadRepair TypeRepair IDCostFlute RepairPC-1$35.00-120.00Economy Flute RepadECFLUTE$75.00-145.00Flute RepadSTUREPAD$169.00-225.00Professional Flute RepadPROREPAD$225.00-580.004 more rows

Can I use rubbing alcohol on my flute?

Never use silver polish or any other cleaner on your flute. To clean your flute use “saliva” or rubbing alcohol on your cloth. To keep pads clean, don’t eat candy or chew gum before playing and never while playing. … The flute is a delicate instrument, which must be handled carefully.

How long should I practice my flute?

p.s. a “casual” learner should practice 20 – 40 minutes per day. A more serious student should practice an hour. I don’t recommend more than that unless I can see what is really happening and check technique often.”

Why is my flute not working?

The flute has wet out. One reason could be that you are playing outside and the wind steals your breath. The answer to that problem is to play where the wind cannot take your flute’s voice away. The other reason a flute would suddenly stop producing a tone would be if the flute “wet out.”

Who is a famous flute player?

10 Famous Flutists You Should Know – Great Flute PlayersFamous Flutists, Famous Flute Players.James Galway.Jeanne Baxtresser.Georges Barrère.Matt Molloy.Bobbi Humphrey.Jean- Pierre Rampal.Emmanuel Pahud.More items…•

Why does a flute make sound?

A flute produces sound when a stream of air directed across a hole in the instrument creates a vibration of air at the hole. The airstream creates a Bernoulli or siphon. This excites the air contained in the usually cylindrical resonant cavity within the flute.

How do I know if my flute needs new pads?

Turn the flute over and look at the pads (under the keys). Do not touch the pads with anything (damage). Look for fraying, peeling, puffing, or tears in the “skin” of the pads. If you see any of these, your flute can limp along for a while, but probably needs repair depending on the severity of the tears.

Why can’t I play D on my flute?

Check that all the keys look closed, sometimes a spring or linkage can move, indicating a service is needed. On many flutes the E and D keys have adjustment screws ( older flutes may have pins only), these screws can move and a flute tech usually won’t charge for a simple adjustment of 1 screw.

What sound does a flute make in words?

Airy, light, poetic, mellow, bright, wafting, ethereal, rich, soft, graceful, penetrating, brilliant, clear, shrill, silvery, wind-like, whistling, whispering, humming, filigree, sighing, aspirate.