What Is OnModelCreating In Entity Framework?

How do I map a stored procedure in Entity Framework?

Map the Person Entity to Stored ProceduresRight-click the Person entity type and select Stored Procedure Mapping.The stored procedure mappings appear in the Mapping Details window.Click .

Default mappings between stored procedure parameters and entity properties appear.More items…•.

What is ModelBuilder in Entity Framework?

Provides a simple API surface for configuring a IMutableModel that defines the shape of your entities, the relationships between them, and how they map to the database. You can use ModelBuilder to construct a model for a context by overriding OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder) on your derived context.

What is IEntityTypeConfiguration?

IEntityTypeConfiguration Interface Allows configuration for an entity type to be factored into a separate class, rather than in-line in OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder).

What is DbContext C#?

A DbContext instance represents a combination of the Unit Of Work and Repository patterns such that it can be used to query from a database and group together changes that will then be written back to the store as a unit. DbContext is conceptually similar to ObjectContext.

Is DbContext thread safe?

DbContext is not thread-safe You must never access your DbContext -derived instance from multiple threads simultaneously. … In a multi-threaded application, you must create and use a separate instance of your DbContext -derived class in each thread.

How do I use Entity Framework?

In this tutorial, you:Create an MVC web app.Set up the site style.Install Entity Framework 6.Create the data model.Create the database context.Initialize DB with test data.Set up EF 6 to use LocalDB.Create controller and views.More items…•

What is mapping in Entity Framework?

It is a tool to access the database. More accurately, it’s classified as an Object/Relational Mapper (ORM) which means it maps the data in a relational database into objects of our applications.

How do you add a table map in Entity Framework?

Create and Edit Association MappingsRight-click an association in the design surface and select Table Mapping. … Click Add a Table or View. … Select the table to which the association will map. … For each key property, click the Column field, and select the column to which the property will map.

Is Linq faster than SQL?

We can see right away that LINQ is a lot slower than raw SQL, but compiled LINQ is a bit faster. Note that results are in microseconds; real-world queries may take tens or even hundreds of milliseconds, so LINQ overhead will be hardly noticeable. … Why compiled LINQ is faster than raw SQL?

What is fluent API Java?

Fluent API means to build an API in such way so that it meets the following criteria: The API user can understand the API very easily. The API can perform a series of actions in order to finish a task. In Java, we can do it with a series of method calls (chaining of methods).

What is a DbSet entity framework?

A DbSet represents the collection of all entities in the context, or that can be queried from the database, of a given type. DbSet objects are created from a DbContext using the DbContext. Set method.

What is fluent API in Entity Framework?

Fluent API is another way to configure your domain classes. … The Code First Fluent API is most commonly accessed by overriding the OnModelCreating method on your derived DbContext. Fluent API provides more functionality for configuration than DataAnnotations.

What is DbContext?

The DbContext class is an integral part of Entity Framework. An instance of DbContext represents a session with the database which can be used to query and save instances of your entities to a database. DbContext is a combination of the Unit Of Work and Repository patterns.

Which of the following class is used as fluent API in EF core?

ModelBuilder classIn Entity Framework Core, the ModelBuilder class acts as a Fluent API. By using it, we can configure many different things, as it provides more configuration options than data annotation attributes.

How do you call a stored procedure in code first in Entity Framework?

To call the stored procedure, we need to use the DBContext. Database. SqlQuery(“query”) method. This method returns the result without the self-tracking feature of Entity Framework.