What Is The Function Of Antipodal?

What is the function of Synergids and antipodal cells?

Synergids are one of two small cells lying near the egg in the mature embryo sac of a flowering plant.

They help in fertilisation.

The two Synergid cells function as the producing center of the signals which guide the pollen tube.

The three antipodal cells are the nutritional center..

What happens to antipodal cells after Fertilisation?

function in plant development The antipodal cells of the female gametophyte sometimes acquire glandular properties, as may cells of the nucellus surrounding the embryo sac. In some species the embryo itself develops a suspensor that penetrates the tissues of the parent sporophyte and acts as an absorbing organ.

What is the role of endosperm?

The endosperm plays an important role in supporting embryonic growth by supplying nutrients, protecting the embryo and controlling embryo growth by acting as a mechanical barrier during seed development and germination.

What is the function of stigma?

Parts of a flowerStructureFunctionAnthersProduce male sex cells (pollen grains)StigmaThe top of the female part of the flower which collects pollen grainsOvaryProduces the female sex cells (contained in the ovules)NectaryProduce a sugary solution called nectar, which attracts insects3 more rows

What is the function of the antipodal cells?

Antipodal cells are rich in DNA, RNA, total proteins and histones. Enhancement of these metabolites and in polytene level of antipodals at the nuclear endosperm stage, and deep staining of cellular endosperm near the degenerat- ing antipodal cells reveal that antipodals help in the nutrition of the endosperm.

What is the meaning of antipodal?

adjective. Geography. on the opposite side of the globe; pertaining to the antipodes. diametrically opposite: twin brothers with antipodal personalities. … (in a developing ovule) of or at the end opposite to the micropyle: antipodal nuclei.

What is the function of Micropyle?

Micropyle (zoology), a differentiated area of surface in an egg, through which a sperm enters. The micropyle helps in absorbing the water at the time of germination of the seed. It is through this micropyle the root emerges out at the time of germination of the seed.

How many antipodal cells are there?

threeantipodal cells The three haploid cells in the mature embryo sac of flowering plants that are situated at the opposite end to the micropyle.

What are the functions of Synergids?

The synergid cells direct pollen tube growth toward the female gametophyte, and facilitate the entrance of the tube into the embryo sac. Once the pollen tube enters the synergid cell, its growth is arrested, the tip of the tube breaks, and two sperm cells are released.