What Is The Most Stable Ion Of S?

What is the most stable ion of potassium?

The cation K+ is formed when an atom of potassium loses its single valence electron (a 4s -electron).

This process requires very little energy (the ionization energy of potassium is relatively low), and so the element is readily oxidized (it is a strong reducing agent)..

What is the most stable ion of iodine?

Iodine is a halogen with 7 valence electrons. The octet rule says it wants 8 to fill the outer shell, so Iodine will add 1 electron to be become stable. so I1- is the most common ion.

How do you know which ion is more stable?

The larger the atom, and the further the electrons from the nucleus, the more polarizable it is. The more polarizable the atom, the more stable the anion. Within a row of the periodic table, the more electronegative an atom, the more stable the anion.

What is the charge on the most stable ion of aluminum?

three electronsSo losing electrons means you need to become positive. So it actually loses three electrons, making it an overall charge of three. Plus that is going to be the most able ion for aluminum.

What is the chemical symbol for the most stable ion of iodine?

Iodide ion, I− , is a very commonly encountered ion.

Why is fe3+ ion more stable than co3+ ion?

The Fe 3+ ion more stable than Fe 2+ ion because due to his electronic configuration i.e the electronic configuration of Fe 3+ has half filled last orbital and we know that half or fulled filled orbitals are most stable and here Fe 2+ has not half or full-filled orbital so Fe 3+ ion more stable than Fe 2+ ion.

Which is the most stable complex?

As C2O42− is a bidentate chelating ligand, it forms rings and hence [Fe(C2O4)3]3− is the most stable complex.

What is the most stable ion formed by beryllium?

The most stable hydrolysis product is the trimeric ion [Be3(OH)3(H2O)6]3+. Beryllium hydroxide, Be(OH)2, is insoluble in water at pH 5 or more.

What is the most stable ion of oxygen?

Also, what is oxygen’s most stable ion? Even assuming an anion, because oxygen is an electronegative element, it depends on the surroundings. In compounds, O(2-) is the stable anion and it is this that we call the oxide ion. The ionic radius of the oxide ion is 140 pm.

What is the most stable ion of chlorine?

Chlorine as a free radical, Cl⋅ , is the chlorine atom that we say has 7 valence electrons and wants its 8th to form an octet. So, Cl⋅ , chlorine radical, is less stable, and Cl− , chlorine ion, is more stable.

What is the most stable ion of MG?

The most stable charge for a magnesium ion is 2+.

Is oxygen stable or unstable?

The element is very common, found not only on Earth but throughout the universe. Molecular oxygen (O2) (often called free oxygen) on Earth is thermodynamically unstable….Nitrogen – Oxygen – FluorineO SFull table

What is the most stable ion formed by phosphorus group of answer choices?

phosphide ion1 Expert Answer The most stable monoatomic ion formed from phosphorus would be the phosphide ion, P3-. Phosphorous has 5 valence electrons and so gaining 3 electrons will make it isoelectronic with the stable noble gas argon, and will produce the P3- ion.

Which is more stable mn2+ or mn3+?

Mn2+ is more stable than Mn3+ due to the stable electronic configuration ofMn2+ because of half filled d-orbital.

Which of the following is the most stable ion?

Option C is the most stable ion because it contains 3 degree carbocation.