Who Is The Strongest Contestant Of Bigg Boss 13?

Who is the top 5 contestant of Bigg Boss 13?

While, Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaaz Gill, Asim Riaz, Rashami Desai, and Arti Singh made it to the Top 5, Sidharth Shukla was declared as the winner of the season.

Asim Riaz won the runner up position, and Shehnaaz Gill was announced as the second runner up..

Who will marry Siddharth Shukla?

Shehnaaz GillBigg Boss 13 Contestant, Siddharth Shukla Proposes Marriage To Shehnaaz Gill.

Who is D winner of Bigg Boss 13?

Sidharth ShuklaSidharth Shukla is the winner of Bigg Boss 13. The actor took home the winner’s trophy. After facing a roller-coaster ride of umpteen tasks, extreme challenges and staying away from all the luxuries for 140 days, Sidharth Shukla emerged as the winner of the Bigg Boss 13 finale, which aired on Colors on Saturday night.

Who is Bigg Boss 2 winner?

Kaushal MandaBigg Boss/Winners

How much is Shehnaz Gill paid Bigg Boss?

Punjab Ki Katrina Kaif, Shehnaz Gill is getting Rs 4.5 Lac per week to be on the show.

Where is Shehnaz Gill right now?

Bigg Boss 13’s Shehnaz Gill was recently in the news as certain reports suggested that the actress is stuck at Mumbai hotel with her brother. However, a source close to Punjab ki Katrina Kaif has revealed that the actress is safe and staying at her house in Andheri, Mumbai.

Who was Bigg Boss 13 winner?

Sidharth ShuklaBigg Boss – Season 13/Winners

Who is Bigg Boss 11 winner?

Shilpa ShindeBigg Boss – Season 11/Winners

Who is winning Bigg Boss?

Sidharth ShuklaBigg Boss – Season 13/Winners

Siddharth ShuklaBigg Boss 13 contestant Siddharth Shukla is trending on Twitter as ‘#WinnerSid’

Is Hina Khan Bigg Boss winner?

Hina Khan was in the season 11 of Bigg Boss. She did not win the season. … Bigg Boss season 11 was won by Shilpa Shinde.

Who is in the top in Bigg Boss 13?

Sidharth ShuklaBigg Boss – Season 13/Winners

Who has got highest votes in Bigg Boss 13?

Sidharth ShuklaIn a poll conducted by TOI-TV, the viewers have made it evident that they want Sidharth Shukla as the winner of Bigg Boss 13. The ‘Dil Se Dil Tak’ actor was the most voted on both Instagram and Twitter.

Is Shehnaz Gill rich?

Shehnaz Kaur Gill is an Indian television actress, model and singer. … As of 2020, Shehnaz Kaur Gill has a net worth of INR 1 crores.